Ankle Injuries

CopperJoint specializes in products that are designed to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief from injury, inflammation, and arthritis. Your ankles set the physical foundation for the rest of your body. When your ankle loses mobility, the rest of your body may suffer. Your first step: Power your ankles with our copper compression ankle sleeve. From wrists to ankle sleeves and for every major pain point in between CopperJoint products use graduated compression to dilate arteries for increased oxygenated blood flow, constrict veins to eliminate lactic acid buildup, and comfortably support muscles to reduce fatigue from shock and vibration. In short, CopperJoint’s four-way compression design works to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief. And Copper Compression Socks CopperJoint -infused material is naturally antimicrobial and antibiofouling meaning it kills 99.9% of microbes and doesn’t stink.

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